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T-01 Synthesizer

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T-01 Synthesizer is an instrument library of Alden Nulden Productions for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

It is suitable for music composition for Electronica, Trance, House, Techno , EDM, etc.


T-01 Synthesizer needs a full version of Kontakt and works from 5.5.0 and above.

Key Features


T-01 Synthesizer is an analogue synthesizer. It has two oscillators.
The first is Saw waveform, and the second is a blend of Sine and Saw waveform.
It’s a very simple synthesizer to use and calibrate it.
It has eleven sliders and six buttons because we like to keep it simple.
It has ADSR, LP Filter, Pitch Envelope, Glide, Sub and Fat Buttons, Noise, Mono and Legato Buttons.

Also a very useful Values Display to make your calibration easily.
As well as 241 samples at 16bit and 44100Hz and

110 presets which are split into 7 categories to quickly select the sound that suits you.
Also, an init instrument is available, enabling you to make your own sound and save it as well.




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