Sale! Rain Simulator
Rain Simulator

Rain Simulator is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt instrument library. It emulates the sound of rain. It has three audio sources Rain, Thunder & Wind. Combine them and you can create your own rain sounds suitable for Sound effects, movies, … Continued

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Sale! Reese Bass
Reese Bass

Reese Bass is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library. Reese Bass was mainly made for the producers of Drum & Bass. It has two different modes As Reese or as Sub Bass.

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Sale! Shimmer Vibraphone
Shimmer Vibraphone
Shimmer Vibraphone is an Alden Nulden Productions instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. Shimmer Reverb is a perfect effect for making Ambient music. This library combines the sound of a Vibraphone with Shimmer Reverb. The results of this combination creates a very unique cinematic ambient instrument.
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Sale! Vintage 4 Band Radio
Vintage 4 Band Radio
The world’s most powerful Radio virtual instrument combo! Alden Nulden Productions Vintage 4 Band Radio is your all-in-one virtual instrument for radio sounds. Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt 5. This definitive collection advances the legacy of the Alden Nulden Productions Old Radio by delivering samples aimed squarely at radio simulation creation. From radio static, bleeps, Morse code, radio talks, Data transmission sounds, white noises to LoFi sounds, drones, crack sounds and many more. If you need radio sounds for your project then Vintage 4 Band Radio is your solution to create your sound in seconds.
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